Flying to the Regretsy Book Signing in Calif!


I accompanied SoapyHo to the Regretsy book signing in Calif on April 6th! Her Corn Poo Soap was featured in that book! SoapyHo..she kills me! She showed up wearing a giant penis costume! So all night long I was held by a dick.
Anyways, here I am flying to Calif on Southwest Airlines. It was a beautiful day to fly!
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2 Response to "Flying to the Regretsy Book Signing in Calif!"

  1. Joe says:

    Wonderful. I know her personally. Soapyho is the essence of everything American. A true entrepreneur staring mainstream in the face and chooses to do what she wants. This is a great example on what the American dream is all about. Do what you love, and love what you do.

    Joe says:

    Soapyho is a perfect example of what true individualism and the American way of life is capable of. Do what you love, and LOVE what you do. Go Soapyho!

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