This Is The Life


I can easily imagine myself like this, every day. Instead, I get to go back to sage brush, sand, dirt and brothels. Ok, so the brothels are something to look forward to! I mean come on, those girls have some beautiful clothes! And have you seen their bedrooms? Oh la la! I wonder...maybe I can get them to take me clothes shopping and make my bedroom a fantasy island?!
I'll have SoapyHo look into that for me!
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Getting A Closer Look


I had to come down and get a closer look at the boats. Just beautiful! I guess all the sailors were asleep as I didn't see any at this hour in the morning. Otherwise SoapyHo would have woken up and found me...gone.
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Relaxing at the window and taking in this view! I'd rather live here than in the desert with SoapyHo! She doesn't have these kinds of views!
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Before I Left Calif


Before I left Calif, I took some time to check out my surroundings. When I flew in it was all about rush rush rush to the book signing so I didn't have much chance to appreciate where I was staying. How about this view from the living room window!
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After The Book Signing


That was a great night at the Regretsy book signing! I am so glad I got to meet April and everyone else! I had a great time and wished the night had gone on longer. Here I am at SoapyHo's sisters house reading the Regretsy book after a night of fun!
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SoapyHo & Snark-o-Leptic Cesar


Sudabaki over on Regretsy took this of Snark-o-Leptic Cesar, a fan of Regretsy, and SoapyHo who is holding me. I'm hiding my face in this shot. I HAD to! I don't want to see a book where some bat shit crazy people are hanging around in the ceiling during the day and some rabid dogs want to eat them. I think being held all night by a giant penis is nightmare material enough for one night!
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April Meets Skully


Well..she kinda got to meet Skully, one of Regretsy's greatest fans. I was happy to take this picture for Skully! The Ho wasn't paying attention (as usual) so I grabbed the camera and got this shot. Skully was being "represented" by this eye he made since he wasn't able to attend.
How do you like me now Ho?!
That's right, this is MY blog!
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SoapyHo Meets Sudabaki


SoapyHo handed ME the camera for this shot?! Is she kidding ME?! I got to meet Sudabaki, a loyal Regretsy fan and I had to walk away and take the picture? Sudabaki is a sweetheart, I should be IN this picture SoapyHo! This blog is all about ME! You hear me dick head?!
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Gifts For Killer


Ok, I have no idea where the Ho put me! Somewhere on that table! Bitch just laid me down.
But here she is handing April the gifts that her featured sellers and loyal Regretsy fans handmade for her. Talk about whimsicle fuckery! At it's finest, trust me! Even though I'm laying somewhere on this friggin table, it was awesome to finally give this to Killer. It was a 3 month secret and God knows SoapyHo can't keep her mouth shut! So this...this was amazing.
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April Winchell Author of Regretsy Book!


OMG! Look at April Winchell..the author of the Regretsy book holding me! I was trying to be all cool and all, but that SoapyHo blurted out how she was crushing her balls! I almost peed myself laughing!
This was really a great night for me and the Ho. Great memories were made on this night.
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SoapyHo As A Giant Penis!


Now can I pick a chaperone or WHAT?! This is SoapyHo carrying me with the book she's in and she is the biggest dick I've ever seen! This is no standard white boy issue here! Did you see how big those balls are?! Sad to say...when the guys say they have sweaty balls, they're not kidding. And I did hear SoapyHo swear...a lot...when she squished her balls! Apparently that really hurts!
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The Regretsy Fans!


I snapped a picture of some of the Regretsy fans at the book signing! Look! That's stretch65 with the video camera! This was such an exciting night you guys! Wait til you see the giant penis that held me all night!
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Borders Book Store in Glendale Calif!


Here I am 2 hours before the book signing! Yep, I snuck in and had my way around these Regretsy books! It was soo exciting to see SoapyHo's Corn Poo Soap on page 106!
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Hair Cut by Malin in Calif!


Before the book signing, I just had to get a hair trim. I went to my good friend Malin. She fixed me right up! I love Malin's Swedish accent!
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Flying to the Regretsy Book Signing in Calif!


I accompanied SoapyHo to the Regretsy book signing in Calif on April 6th! Her Corn Poo Soap was featured in that book! SoapyHo..she kills me! She showed up wearing a giant penis costume! So all night long I was held by a dick.
Anyways, here I am flying to Calif on Southwest Airlines. It was a beautiful day to fly!
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I am the Traveling Ho!

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I am the Traveling Ho and I belong to SoapyHo. You know who SoapyHo is...she's the one that makes Adult Novelty Soap and the Corn Poo Soap as seen on Regretsy! I am hoping to travel all over the world and wherever I go I will post pictures of my adventures! Are you somewhere fun? Cool? Amazing? Drop me a line at the or post here and help me plan my next trip!
I know sometime next summer I will be flying to Tokyo and Taiwan!

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